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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

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Energy rebalancing means returning to a state of balance and well-being, being in tune with yourself, with your way of life and with your body. Now out of habit, you bring your body to the limit of endurance between stress, dissatisfaction, routine, attachments, suffering, little

rest, disordered nutrition, unresolved emotions and traumas of various kinds, fears, uncertainties ... One almost does not realize that one is feeling bad, or in any case pretends to be nothing.

Acting on the chakras (by definition "Wheel of Light" from Sanskrit), allows us to draw and let energy flow through our entire physical and etheric body in order to gradually harmonize all the functions of the organism. Sometimes it will be a slow process, sometimes more immediate, in any case harmonizing the vital and energy functions allows the individual to stay healthy, to react better to the adversities of life and feel an integral part of this life and this world.



    Can energy be emitted, transmitted and absorbed through the body and hands?

    Acupuncture points and chakras are activation doors for certain functions and meridians. Through these doors the energy can enter and leave our body. The chakras allow the absorption of the pranic energy that comes from the Earth, from the Air, from the Sun.

    By eliminating the energy congestions from the chakras, from the points and from the affected body areas and filling with new energetic lymph it is possible to find relief from countless ailments, pains, emotional problems, worries, physical symptoms of various kinds. The lost emotional harmony is restored, these energy doors are opened to allow a continuous and fluid exchange of information between our small personal microcosm and the macrocosm that surrounds us.

    The use of precious essential oils in strategic points favors a more immediate response, exploiting the innumerable therapeutic qualities of these precious substances and their great ability to interact with us on a psychic, emotional and evolutionary level!


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