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Emotional Energy Wash

Emotional Energy Wash

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Emotional Energetic Washing (LEE) is a technique that consists in transmitting a large amount of energy to the recipient's head through the operator's hands, after having "opened" the blocked chakras and draining energy along the person's Aura.

The release and renewal of the energy flow that passes through the whole body manifest themselves physically and, very often, even emotionally. With this technique, therefore, emotions that are trapped and not adequately processed in the (unconscious) soul are "washed" due to a psychological conflict that occurred at any moment of life: in childhood, during pregnancy, in the perinatal phase or postnatal; it is possible that this experience may also relate to a previous existence.


    • FEEL (Fast Emotional Elaboration and Liberation): a therapeutic approach to traumas that turn into blocks and phobias that allows you to complete the learning process initiated by the trauma but not brought to completion.
    • TTRT (Trans Temporal Regression Technique): soul regression technique through an energetic channeling that allows the overcoming and the liberation from phobias, sensitivities, fears that we cannot explain with events related to this life.



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