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Holistic massage 60 minutes

Holistic massage 60 minutes

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The techniques of massage or holistic treatment recreate the bonds of interaction with the different aspects of reality to get to know themselves, others and the world we belong to better and awaken a deep feeling of connection with all life and its divine nature, thanks to the action on the Central, Peripheral and Limbic Nervous System. The manual skills, enhanced by functional substances such as essential or vibrational oils such as Bach's FLOWERS, send a message to the individual's subtle physiological and energy systems and help the return to individual energy balance and to feel part of the Universe of which we are integral part. The pain is removed and through contact one finds a good perception of one's existence.


    Each technique follows precise principles but each individual, although created according to the same unique Universal Law, has in itself a lived experience and an individuality. Every treatment, every single session is created on the basis of the need of the moment and on the basis of the objectives we set ourselves, me as operator and you as recipient. This ensures that each treatment is personalized according to the person who receives it, the various techniques can be combined in order not to leave out any aspect and always combine psychophysical relaxation with one's own evolutionary, mental and spiritual path. No matter how we decide to resolve the conflict that prevents us from feeling good, what matters is choosing to feel good.

    M. Thai

    Lomi Lomi Nui










    Essential oils


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