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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology

In the feet we find the reflex mapping of the whole organism therefore by adequately stimulating the specific points we can obtain by reflex way benefits regarding the functionality of organs, systems and body areas. Stimulation transmits information that will be transported to the corresponding area of the point, facilitating its correct functions. We will obtain a complete re-harmonization that allows you to stimulate the body's vitality and obtain benefits on many physical ailments that cause discomfort and impediment - pains, drainage of liquids, stress, sleep disturbances, female disharmonies, metabolic alterations etc.


    Following the Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its theory of 5 Movimemti - WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER - we identify the energy lodge affected by the disturbance that accompanies us and through the foot we stimulate the organs, viscera, systems, musculature etc. that correspond to you. In this way it is often easy to be able to prevent the manifestation of latent symptoms since a discomfort is probably already in progress but it does not manifest itself; by acting on the cause of disharmony we can ensure that our organism finds its optimal condition and there are no disturbances related to it.


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