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TuiNa is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine of very ancient tradition thanks to which it is possible to rebalance, tone and regulate every body function through stimulations, acupressure and mobilization maneuvers.


    Following an adequate energy assessment, the operator will be able to catalog the patient's imbalances according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and thus decide the most suitable method of treatment. The Meridians and the Points present on them will be stimulated in particular (they are the same points used in Acupuncture) in order to obtain a more rapid and complete disappearance of the disharmony.

    TuiNa treatments are effective on painful joint, muscle, female ailments, climatic pathogens, emotional syndromes, digestive disorders, developmental blockages, external, internal, chronic, acute disharmonies.

    The results of TuiNa treatments can be enhanced and supported by Auric Reflexology , a reflex technique of Traditional Chinese Energetic stimulation of the ear thanks to which it is possible to rebalance the ongoing disharmonies and chronic problems. The stimulation of the Reflex Points takes place through patches on which Vaccaria Segetalis seeds are applied.

    The most frequently treated imbalances with Auric Reflexology are: acute pain, headache, menstrual syndromes, pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, acute and chronic colitis, constipation, cramps and muscle spasms, joint and muscle traumatism, inflammation, emotional problems, sore pain sea and car sickness.


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